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Joan Swiderski
Joan Swiderski

    Joan grew up in the Naugatuck Valley area in western Connecticut. She began riding in her teenage years, quickly taking to the discipline of dressage. Joan got her first horse over 40 years ago and while she doesn't own one now, our horses consider her part of their family!

    After her husband retired 9 years ago, they made the journey south to Florida. Shortly thereafter, she happened upon Special Equestrians from reading a newspaper article and quickly became a volunteer and then an instructor.

    "It has given meaning to my life in retirement and made me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile" says Joan.

    Joan and her husband have been married 50 years, have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. One of her daughters has even walked in Joan's footsteps, growing to share her love of horses and becoming a level 3 dressage rider.

    While Joan is eager to be at Special Equestrians whenever needed, whether teaching, organizing tack or schooling our horses, she also enjoys water color painting, graciously donating any of her proceeds to our program.

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