If you shop on Amazon,

check out their affiliate

program, AmazonSmile

here, where a percentage of your purchase will be donated to our organization.

EcoPhones is an electronics recycling organization that helps non-profits raise money and also keeps harmful electronics out of our landfills. For every item (working and non-working) we send in, we get paid...it's that easy! If you have inkjet cartridges, cell phones, laptop and notebook computers, mp3 players, digital cameras, iPads and tablets, please contact us here and we'll set up a time for you to drop the items off at our facility or you can mail

them to us. For more

info on EcoPhones and

a full list of items they

take, please visit here.  

We have an eBay store and, through partnerships with PayPal Giving Fund and eBay Giving Works, we're able to sell items to raise funds. You are able to purchase items through our store and 100% of the funds will go to supporting our program. If you would like to partner with us, here are a few ways you can help:


1. Donate items or services for us to sell

2. If you sell on eBay, you can delegate us to receive donations by:                  

-setting a % of each sale to be donated to us   

-setting a specific amount of each sale to be donated to us    

-allowing your buyers to

donate an amount on top of 

their purchase price

3. Purchase items we have

for sale here

Do you use the internet? Obviously so if you're here! Special Equestrians is a partner with goodsearch, a website where you can do every day internet functions to help us raise money. Need to do an internet search or check the weather? What about shop for a holiday or pass the time by playing some online games? You can do all that and much more and raise money for us! Think about it-we earn one penny just for one internet search. Say you do two searches a day, as do 19 other people. In one year we could earn $146 just by doing what we all normally do already! Just click here and find us under "SETC".




Shopping at stores can be time consuming, stressful and sometimes, even more expensive. But just about every store has an online presence, along with sites offering a variety of merchandise all in one place. Goodshop, a branch of goodsearch (see above), works alongside a number of online stores. Simply visit their website here, find us under "SETC", then find your favorite store and do your shopping. In turn, a percentage is donated to our organization.

In May, 2013 a group of equine enthusiasts who were inspired by the power of horses and ponies to heal bodies, minds and spirits banded together in a grass roots fundraising initiative. They formed Give a Buck, in Vero Beach, to support us here at Special Equestrians of the Treasure Coast. Since then, Give a Buck has expanded throughout Florida. For more info, visit them here

Wish List

As you may know, it costs $$$$ to keep a horse. Add in 7+ more on top of that and you've got a very expensive program to run! It costs us, at a minimum, $3035.00 every MONTH just to house and feed eight horses and put shavings in their stalls. This amount does not include vet and hoof care, medicines for everyday scrapes, cuts and bug bites, grooming and bathing supplies, etc. as well as the costs of running our adaptive riding program. Not only do we appreciate monetary donations, but also items that we use on a regular basis. 


Below is a list of items we use every single day. We often buy these items at Audrey's Feed & Tack, Fellsmere Feed, Tack & Farm Supply, or Tractor Supply Co. 

Small items ($)

-Nylon lead ropes with bolt snaps or trigger bull snaps $10 

-Paper towels                 -Hand soap                -Wet wipes 

-Tractor Supply Company, Audrey's and Fellsmere Feed gift cards

-Tri-Tec fly spray $15-$60 per bottle/gallon 

-Hair detangler- Mane 'n Tail, Cowboy Magic, Show Sheen, etc $9-$18

-Sports drinks and water 

-Fly control products such as sticky tape, traps, etc.


Large items ($$-$$$)

-Troxel or Ovation riding helmets, 3-4 of each size
-Seminole Senior Feed grain, purple/white bag 

-Equi-dex Electrolytes, any flavor

-Pine shavings for horse stalls-any brand

-25 gallon plastic rain barrels