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Real Lives, Real Changes

 Why should you donate to SETC?

Because your donations change lives. Many of our students rely on financial help through our Scholarship Fund in order to be able to participate in our program. Check out how your donations make a difference by reading the real life stories of some of our students.

Noah       Lacy

We all like to give and for some, giving is a luxury.  When you give, you want to make sure it is going to a credible organization that is doing the most good and spending the money wisely.  Rest assured, your money actually goes to the program. Even 5 of our instructors are volunteers! 


Special Equestrians is an established 501(c)3 in Indian River County since 1992.  The horse community knows us and the special needs community knows us.


We are an established PATH, Intl. Center member that has weathered the ups and downs of any non-profit. You can be sure your donation will go to a program that is safe and governed by an organization that knows what they are doing. 


By helping us, it helps you.  If you are a business, this is critical and we understand!  We have set up our social media, website, events, and publications so that sponsors can optimize their contributions.  Giving should be a win for everybody. 


Our fundraising events are not just geared around raising money, but also to bring our community together and to have a good time doing it.  Isn't that what it's all about anyway?

Media Partners

 Your donation will help with the operational cost of the many programs we offer to the community.  There are many different levels of sponsorship that we can customize to best fit your priorities which include; VIP seating, brand placement, exclusive title sponsorship rights, rights to use SETC logo and much more. 

Your donations will assist in maintaining our website, social media platforms, printed materials, signs, radio and tv advertising for special events and fundraising events.  You will also assist in helping our teams stay up to date on the technical side of the barn. 

Our Sponsor-A-Horse program allows YOU to have a personal impact here at Special Equestrians. For $100 per month, you can sponsor one of our horses, which will help us with the cost of caring for that horse including feeding, hoof care, medical and vet care, and additional training if needed. There are 3 levels in our program, allowing you the freedom to choose which one best suits you. This makes a great project for any organization wanting to make an impact in their community. Visit here for more info.

Rider Tuition is $30/lesson. Give the gift of a lifetime.  This is probably the most rewarding way to give.  You are not just helping someone learn how to ride a horse, which is tremendous in and of itself.  You are helping a person with a disability become more than their disability.  You are helping them lose the labels and to achieve life goals never thought possible.

In Honor, In Memory

Throughout our lives, there are people who touch our hearts and horses who change us forever.  We are so thankful.  Please make a donation on our wall of supporters in their honor.

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